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The missing years

The Missing Years


By: Claudette Beckford-Brady

ISBN: 978-184386-4202

Reading Level: Adult


The Missing Years continues the saga of Michelle Freeman and her extended family.

Michelle was born in Jamaica but raised in Britain. When she was nearly fourteen she had discovered a controversy surrounding her birth and learned that the woman raising her was not her mother. The discovery had started her on a quest to find some answers. The initial reunion with her biological mother was not the tear-jerker she had expected so when the families came together for the five-yearly family reunion emotions were running high. Life for Michelle was already full, juggling a career as the co-owner of SmallRock Publications, plus family life, but things were about to be turned on their head. A bungled robbery, a dead youth and a usually devoted husband who has started staying out all night with no explanation… Is Michelle’s husband getting too close to Delisia?
A poignant, heart-warming tale of family relationships and conflict resolution, spiced with fast-paced drama, The Missing Years is the sequel to Sweet Home, Jamaica and the story unfolds on the beautiful island of Jamaica.

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