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Big Rat 1

The Adventures of Big Rat


By: Rowena Campbell-Thomas

ISBN: 978-976-8217-15-8

Reading Level: 13+

Sammy was a youngster whose feelings had been hurt by family.  They constantly told him that he was ugly and a ‘no good’ boy.  Their comments really upset him.  Vainly, he searched for love but nothing he did could change their attitude towards him.  They thought that he had too many of his father’s traits.

His parents were separated and he was filled with pain, anger, and resentment.  Frustrated, he started to do things against his family’s approval, knowing that his behaviour would anger them.  He became insufferable and as a result of his action he was thrown out of his home.

His teacher came to his rescue and with her help, he started to regain his self-esteem and thus turned his life around.


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