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Sweet Home Jamaica vol 1

Sweet Home Jamaica Vol.1


By: Claudette Beckford-Brady

ISBN: 978-184386-3434

Reading Level: Adult

Michelle Freeman was born in Jamaica but grew up in England. After discovering that her father’s wife, Mavis, is not her biological mother, she tries to locate her real mother, and in doing so discovers the island of her birth, and a large extended maternal family.

Set in Brixton in the 1970’s, it tells of Michelle’s life and ambitions. We learn of her friends, her background and birth right. Follow her through her teenage years as she progresses through school and life in South London and Jamaica. You will laugh and cry with her as you lean of her history and triumphs. This strong young woman copes with adversity and makes the most of her life with help from her family and friends. We travel to Jamaica to meet her extended family, and watch as she grows into talented and popular woman. A story to warm the heart and give hope to ambitions.

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