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Men having sex with women are about the same as women having sex with men

I watched TEDxSydney Talk, Mathematics and Sex by Clio Cresswell some months ago.  Well, for information purposes, mathematics is my first love and fine art is my second love.  I think that maybe both of my loves oscillate and vie for first place at various times throughout my life.  However, I believe most people view me from the mathematics side, because I definitely speak numbers and dates.  So, this piece caught my eye and decided to take a look.

Watching and listening validated one thought that I have echoed to persons a few times already, that the ratio of men sleeping with women and the ratio of women sleeping with men are roughly the same.  I have always found it cute listening to men discuss how many women they have slept with and the perception that they may have that women are, how should I say this politely, sitting at home with their legs closed.  My obvious question has always been, men unless you are homosexual, I would then deduce that you are sleeping with a woman.  So if this woman is not your sister, mother, wife or your daughter, this woman is someone else daughter, mother, sister, wife.  The ratio is still one man and one woman.  Clio Cresswell even illustrated the same way I have illustrated it on my white board here in office.

Women's Hormones EquationsThe second thought has provided me with another feeling of validation was her equations on Men’s Hormones and Women’s hormones.  Unsure if her equations would substantiate my own belief where I have always postulated/tended to find men more emotional than women.  Maybe one day I will come across a connecting equation between hormones and emotions.

I tell you I love mathematics, the simplicity of diagrams and equations.

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