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Bazba® Theatrical Players Limited forms part of the performing arts industry with emphasis on theater productions.

One the company’s focus is geared towards becoming an influential player in the educational system of Jamaica and the Caribbean islands by way of publishing books by Caribbean authors .

Bazba® also intends to continue their attention on education via providing the service of additional educational support. Our role also covers the areas of supplementary and higher learning.

With respect to the theatrical arm of the business, Bazba® will produce theatrical works written, directed and performed by Jamaican and Caribbean peoples. The staging of these plays will also include the video recordingsof these productions to promote the theatrical arts of Caribbean peoples around the world. The productions will also tour various countries to expose and further promote our culture. The scope of the theatrical arm of the business will also project into film, animation, sitcoms for television and developing documentaries on Caribbean icons.

With respect to the educational arm of the business, Bazba® shall publish books written by Jamaican and Caribbean

peoples. These books shall be predominantly fictional works that promote reading for students studying and for the general public. The aim is to become a catalyst to develop and promote reading among our citizens. Bazba® Learning Centre is another medium through which the company will provide supplementary learning to students who aim to improve there overall academic performance. The Learning Centre will also provide higher learning through the development of seminars and workshops to educators and the business public. The scope of the educational arm of the business will also project into creating.

BazbaTheatrical Players Limited.

4 Spring Way, Norbrook, Kingston 8

Kingston, Jamaica

Jamaica W.I.

+1(876) 924-6139


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